17 Belle Meade Rd LLC/ R.E. Hansen Industries/ Islandaire

35 Sawgrass, LLC/ Quality King Distributors, Inc./ Pro’s Choice Beauty Care, Inc.

924 Old Medford LLC/ T. Mina Supply, Inc.

Aarco Products, Inc. / 21 Old Dock Rd

Acropolis Framing Inc. / Parthenon Framing


BK @ Lake Grove, LLC

Blue Point Brewery Company, Inc. / American Beverage Crafts, LLC

Brightview Port Jefferson, LLC

Brookhaven Solar Invest LLC

Cross-Sound Cable Company, LLC

CV Village @ Coram, LLC/ Wincoram Commons

CVI Renewables Holdings I, LLC / ACE-Calabro Solar 2, LLC

CVI Renewables Holdings I, LLC / ACE-Calabro Solar, LLC

CVI Renewables Holdings I, LLC / ACE-Holtsville, LLC

CVI Renewables Holdings I, LLC / ACE-Manorville, LLC

CVI Renewables Holdings I, LLC / ACE-Town Hall Solar, LLC

H.O. Penn Machinery Company, Inc.

Holtsville Energy Storage LLC

Jenna Grace Properties LLC/ Suffolk Transportation Corp.

Jones Ventures LLC/ UI Supplies, Inc.

Lucky Daughters Realty Inc. / Angela’s House

Maehr Realty Associates, LLC/ Maehr Industries, Inc.

McKeon Door East, Inc./ Joe McKeon Enterprises LLC

McKeon Realty Associates, LLC/McKeon Rolling Steel Door Co., Inc.

Meso Holding LLC/ Macedo Construction Inc.

Nicola Enterprises of Long Island Corp./ Pallets R Us

NM-AMNL, LLC, Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC 2019

NP/Winters Long Island Industrial LLC/Brookhaven Logistics Center

Peconic River Energy Storage

Penn & Son Properties, LLC/ Penn Fabricators Inc.

Six Roses LLC/ Clare Rose, Inc.

Tate’s Holding Company/ Mondelez Global LLC

Thanx M.S. Zorn Blvd., LLC/ MS Packaging and Supply Corp.

Two G Properties/ Framerica Corporation/ 19 Nicholas

United Baking Co., Inc./ Uncle Wally’s LLC/ Give & Go Prepared Foods (USA) Corp.

Warco, LLC/ Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co., Inc/ 44 Ramsay

Williams Realty Holdings Group, LLC/ Interstate Mechanical Services, Inc.

Yaphank AVR Boulevard Chelsea LLC

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