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        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency State and Federal bans on large meetings or gatherings and pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.1 issued on March 12, 2020, as amended to date, permitting local governments to hold public hearings by telephone and video conference and/or similar device, the Public Hearing scheduled for February 1, 2021, at 10:00 a.m., local time, being held by the Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency (the “Issuer”), in accordance with the provisions of Article 18-A of the New York General Municipal Law will be held electronically via conference call instead of a public hearing open for the public to attend. Members of the public may listen to the Public Hearing, and comment on the Project (defined below) and the benefits to be granted by the Issuer to the Company (defined below) during the Public Hearing, by calling (712) 770-5505 and entering access code 884-124. Comments may also be submitted to the Issuer in writing or electronically. Minutes of the Public Hearing will be transcribed and posted on the Issuer’s website, all in connection with the following matters:

        Middle Country Meadows LLC, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York, on behalf of itself and/or the principals of Middle Country Meadows LLC and/or an entity formed or to be formed on behalf of any of the foregoing (the “Company”), has applied to the Agency to enter into a transaction in which the Agency will assist in (A) the acquisition of approximately 13.78 acre parcel of land located at 1277 Middle Country Road, Selden, New York (collectively, the “Land”), (B) the construction, equipping and furnishing of approximately 136,400 square feet of residential space across multiple buildings which will provide for one-hundred twenty-four (124) two-bedroom, senior apartments (55+) (approximately 30% will be affordable at 80% of Area Median Income (“AMI”)) together with the acquisition, installation and equipping of improvements, structures and other related facilities attached to the Land (the “Improvements”) including, but not limited to, a sidewalk connecting to the adjacent Independence Plaza Shopping Center, a walking/running trail for use by the community and the high school cross-country team, ballfield lighting for Selden Center Little League, memorial monument and bench and a clubhouse to be available for civic meetings, (C) the acquisition and installation therein of certain equipment and personal property including, but not limited to, including shared common recreation areas (including an outdoor pool, community building, tennis court, BBQ/outdoor picnic area, bocci courts, and putting green) and other amenities and the furnishing thereof including, but not limited to, furniture, appliances, structures, equipment and personal property in the units (the “Equipment”; and, together with the Land and the Improvements, the “Facility”), which Facility is to be subleased by the Agency to the Company to be known as and used by the Company to provide affordable senior housing for the residents of Selden (the “Project”). The Facility will be initially owned and managed or operated by the Company.

        The Agency will acquire a leasehold interest in the Land and the Improvements and title to the Equipment and lease the Facility to the Company. The Agency contemplates that it will provide financial assistance to the Company in the form of exemptions from mortgage recording taxes in connection with the financing or any subsequent refinancing of the Facility, exemptions 4835-6981-8057.1 from sales and use taxes in connection with the construction and equipping of the Facility and exemption of real property taxes consistent with the uniform tax exemption policies (“UTEP”) of the Agency.

        A representative of the Issuer will, at the above-stated time and place, hear and accept written comments from all persons with views in favor of or opposed to either the proposed financial assistance to the Company or the location or nature of the Facility. Prior to the hearing, all persons will have the opportunity to review on the Issuer’s website (, the application for financial assistance filed by the Company with the Issuer and an analysis of the costs and benefits of the proposed Facility.

Dated: January 22, 2021
By: Lisa MG Mulligan
Title: Chief Executive Officer

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