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Notice of Public Hearing Engel Burman at Mt. Sinai, LLC


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing pursuant to Article 18-A of the New York State General Municipal Law will be held by the Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency (the “Agency”) on the 29th day of August, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. local time, at the Town of Brookhaven Division of Economic Development, 2nd Floor, One Independence Hill, Farmingville, New York 11738, in connection with the following matters:

Engel Burman at Mt. Sinai, LLC, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York, on behalf of itself and/or the principals of Engel Burman at Mt. Sinai, LLC and/or an entity formed or to be formed on behalf of any of the foregoing (collectively, the “Company”) has applied to the Agency to provide its assistance to finance certain costs of an industrial development facility consisting of (A) the acquisition of an approximately 17.81 acre parcel of land (which is a part of an approximately 24.31 acre parcel of land to be subdivided) located on the south side of Route 25A near the intersection of Route 25A and Echo Avenue, Mount Sinai, Town of Brookhaven, New York (also known as Tax Map No. 0200-118.00-03.00-p/o 004.001) (the “Land”), (B) the construction, equipping and furnishing of approximately 225 new senior independent residential rental units across approximately thirty (30) buildings of one (1) and two (2) story heights for use by the Company as a senior living residential facility, including, a clubhouse, community building and swimming pool (collectively, the “Equipment” and “Improvements”) and (C) the construction of (i) roadways, drive aisles and parking for approximately 534 vehicles and sidewalks, lighting and landscaping, (ii) a new wastewater collection system to be connected to an existing sanitary manhole being part of the Suffolk County Sewer District #2 (Talmadge Woods sewage treatment plant), (iii) storm-water drainage facilities in the forms of dry-well systems, culverts, collection and drain pipes to manage storm-water from new impervious areas on-site, and (iv) utility service connections including electrical, gas, water service, cable and internet service (the “Related Improvements”; and, together with the Land, the Equipment and the Improvements, the “Facility”). The Agency will acquire a leasehold interest to the Facility and will lease and sublease the Facility to the Company. The Facility will initially be owned, operated and/or managed by the Company.

The Agency contemplates that it will provide financial assistance to the Company in the form of exemptions from mortgage recording taxes in connection with the financing or any subsequent refinancing of the Facility and exemptions from sales and use taxes in connection with the construction and equipping of the Facility and abatement of real property taxes, all consistent with the policies of the Agency.

A representative of the Agency will, at the above-stated time and place, hear and accept written comments from all persons with views in favor of or opposed to either the granting of other financial assistance contemplated by the Agency or the location or nature of the Facility. At the hearing, all persons will have the opportunity to review the application for financial assistance filed by the Company with the Agency, and an analysis of the costs and benefits of the proposed Facility.

Dated: August 18, 2018
By: Lisa MG Mulligan
Title: Chief Executive Officer

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