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Orbit Bloom Press Release


FARMINGVILLE, NY (March02, 2020)Frederick C. Braun III, chairman of the Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency (IDA), announced that the agency has closed on an application for economic development incentives for Orbit Bloom Energy, LLC, an alternative energy business, with the goal of creating clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Orbit Bloom is seeking to develop 1.5 acres of vacant property located at 3601 Horse Block Road in Medford for the installation of a fuel cell. Fuel cellsfunction similar toa battery, convertingfuel into electricity through an electro-chemical process without combustion.

The economic developmentincentiveswereapproved by the IDAat itsFebruary 26th meeting, granting the applicant a 20-year PILOT.The benefits will apply to the $32.7million construction of the fuel cellinstallation,which will generate six mega-watts of electricity, enough to power 600 homes.

“Brookhaven Town has alwaysbeen a champion ofclean, reliable alternativeenergy,” said Braun. “This fuel cell installation will provide power of the highest efficiency and we are proudto support this innovative energy project,” said Braun.

About the Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency

Since 1971, the mission of the Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency is to improve the quality of life for Brookhaven residents by promoting and assisting the growth of businesses who support the Town through capital investment and the creation and retention of jobs. The IDA has issued millions of dollars in tax-exempt or taxable bonds and provided assistance through straight lease deals to encourage companies to either locate or expand in the Town of Brookhaven. This assistance has been extended to companies both large and small andhas resulted in the direct creation of thousands of jobs for Brookhaven residents. The IDA has provided assistance to a wide range of companies, including Agilitas Energy, Engel Burman, Amneal Pharmaceuticals. C2 NY Brookhaven, LLC and H.O. Penn Machinery Co. Inc.For more information, visit or call 631-451-6563.

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