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High Profile: Lisa Mulligan, Brookhaven IDA CEO


Lisa Mulligan Brookhaven IDA

Lisa Mulligan, Brookhaven IDA CEO
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Lisa Mulligan is the CEO of the Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency (IDA). Taking the reins of the Town of Brookhaven’s economic development arm in 2009, her leadership has helped foster profound economic growth and prosperity in this region of Suffolk County. A vocal, Island-wide leader in the conversation about Long Island’s economic prosperity, Mulligan is, quite literally, helping the foundation on which business progress is built.

Born and raised in Brookhaven town, Mulligan’s unique perspective on the future of the town is both personal and professional. Seasoned with business experience and savvy, Mulligan interfaces with small, medium and large-scale companies who seek to bring their business to Brookhaven.

“Growing up here, living in other places, and then coming back to raise my family in Brookhaven has helped me appreciate all that Long Island and Brookhaven have to offer,” Mulligan says. “It’s not only the amazing physical attributes of the area, but the culture, the work ethic and of course, the people.

“When I was young, I thought that you were either a school teacher or a police officer,” she continues. “However, for my children, I realize there are so many opportunities for amazing careers here on Long Island beyond what I thought when I was a kid. I think that it is important to make sure the next generation realizes how much is truly available to them, in life and career, right here on Long Island.”

The IDA, which is composed of dedicated professionals and a board of directors, has helped create a friendly environment for growth and commerce under Mulligan’s stewardship of the business interest of Brookhaven. Throughout her career, Mulligan has served in various appointed and advisory leadership roles to Long Island’s esteemed economic councils, namely, the Long Island Business Development Council, the Suffolk County Industrial & Commercial Incentive Board, and both the Brookhaven and Suffolk County Small Business Advisory Councils. Mulligan also serves as the CEO of the Brookhaven Local Development Corporation and executive director of the Southold Local Development Corporation.

Mulligan’s commendable efforts are the embodiment of the Brookhaven IDA’s mission statement. Each day, she dedicates herself to improving the quality of life for the nearly half a million residents of Brookhaven. Through attracting businesses to Brookhaven and facilitating their launch within the confines of the town, Mulligan says that the lives of those in Brookhaven have been improved through new offerings of goods and services, much-needed resources, and reliable and stable job opportunities.

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